According to a statistic I totally made up for the purpose of this intro, it’s a proven fact that 94.3% of people with ears hate 100% of the radio commercials they hear.

But not me. I love radio commercials. Not enough to marry one, mind you, but at least enough to give it one of my kidneys should it ever lose its place on the donor list to the Kardashianesque moll of a Ukrainian gangster.

Unfortunately, radio isn’t getting the love it once did. With so many other, more glamorous opportunities available, a lot of copywriters don’t like writing it. And with so much competition for a limited number of ad dollars, radio stations (and their salespeople) simply don’t have the time to write it.

That’s where I come in.

I can write your spot from scratch. I can tweak your existing script. I can make casting suggestions. I can even help produce it. Just don’t ask me to be in it. I may have a face for radio, but I have a voice for print.